Housing in the suburbs: installment from the developer or rent - which is more profitable

  • 23/05/2017

Residential complex "Lake hai Gatne"

"Intergal-Bud" is building a large-scale project in Gatne village of Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district - a comfort class residential complex, which will consist of 29 residential buildings of 4-10 floors, which will be located on a plot of 42 hectares. The first house has already been commissioned. The territory of the complex is framed by lakes that are planned to be landscaped and made an excellent recreation area for the residents of the complex. The developer promises a developed internal infrastructure, which will include: a kindergarten with primary school classes, a medical clinic and a health center, a fitness center with a swimming pool, a dance school, as well as bicycle paths, recreation areas, children's and sports grounds.

"Intergal Bud", as in its Kiev projects, offers payment by installments for apartments in the residential complex "Lake hai Gatne". The minimum down payment is 5%, the installment program is designed for 10 years, the balance is paid monthly or quarterly in national currency. The minimum cost of an apartment in the complex today is UAH 342,000, with an initial contribution of 5% and a installment period of 10 years, the monthly payment is UAH 2,700.

Renting a 1-room apartment in new buildings of Gatne village costs about 6 ,000 UAH, it turns out that this installment offer is quite affordable for families who rent housing.

Monthly expenses, taking into account rent and installment payments, increase slightly, and if you rent an apartment on the secondary market for UAH 4,500, this difference is almost leveled. That's just have to save up for repair and registration of the trade.

More details: https://3m2.kiev.ua/stati/za_gorodom/zhile_v_prigorode_rassrochka_ot_zastroyschika_ili_arenda_chto_vigodnee