LCD «Akadem-Kvartal» - a quarter of a comfortable life

  • 24/09/2018

The company "Intergal-Bud" offers a new project of comfort class with the following advantages:

- own infrastructure (coffee shops, shops, medical, cosmetic rooms, parking, children's playgrounds, etc.);
- author's landscape design;
- green areas for recreation (squares and parks will be your favorite oases for walks);
- shopping, entertainment, sports, educational institutions (10 minutes by car to "Lavina Mall" - the biggest shopping center in Ukraine, 5 minutes from the sports complex "Science-Sports");
- convenient traffic (st.m "Akademgorodok" in 5 min. Walking distance, the main thoroughfare of the capital, shuttle transportation to all areas of Kyiv).

Using the combination of all these advantages of the complex, both inside and outside - you will feel that you have already found what you were looking for.