RCs Malakhit and Parkovi Ozera have been ranked the best among the new-builds of the capital city

  • 12/04/2018

Among 161 complexes of the capital city RCs Malakhit and Parkovi Ozera by construction company Intergal-Bud have become the winners in several nominations and won Gran-Prix under the results of independent survey “Auditor of new-builds”!
Evaluation was conducted in three price segments – low, medium and high. RC Malakhit won Gran-Prix in medium price segment. This residential complex received prize-places in two nominations too: “Comforts of life” – 1st prize and “Financing conditions” – 2nd prize.
RC “Parkovi Ozera” won the 1st price in nomination “Financing conditions” under the same price segment.
Intergal-Bud owing these residential complexes is constructing more than 900 thousand sq. m of housing facilities currently. Only in capital and its suburbs 11 residential complexes with highly developed social infrastructure are being constructed simultaneously. In 2018 “Intergal-Bud” has scheduled to erect eight new residential complexes in Kyiv.
The developer allocates its complexes in comfortable places for living, in the districts with convenient transport interchange nearby green areas, places for recreation and fun. All complexes feature own social and service infrastructure: parking areas, kindergartens, shops, cafes, zones for recreation and sports. In addition to comfortable dwelling the developer offers favorable installment programs to its buyers, therefor it is logical that residential complexes Malakhit and Parkovi Ozera have been recognized as one of the best in the capital city.
When inspecting residential complexes in Kyiv experts from “Auditor” have been guided by the goal to provide objective and independent estimation for the object of primary real-state with consideration of all the risks and both strengths and weaknesses of each complex.