RC «Ozernyi Hai Gatne» represents its new appearance

  • 13/07/2018

Residential complex «Ozernyi Hai Gatne» renovates its appearance and acquires new functional traits!

Architects and designers have made efforts to enhance the appearance of “suburban pearl”. Using the colors and images they have brought individuality to each house in order to make them recognizable at first sight.

Starting from the fourth stage of development, colorful stylized panels will embellish the gable walls of new buildings. Images symbolize the leaves of the trees surrounding the territory as an additional reminder of the suburban location of the complex. Every composition will feature individual color pattern – white, mint, yellow, blue, green etc.

Walking through housing blocks or driving car every resident and especially children could say for sure – this is my home! Visual guidance becomes pertinent taking the fact that complex includes 49 buildings.

Some façade elements have also been renovated; in particular, entrance groups received functional signs, floors were highlighted with color inserts. Perception of architectural and artistic decoration of the complex became lighter and more pleasant in terms of aesthetic.

Intergal-Bud works on further improvements in the project Ozernyi Hai Gatne. Currently the details of architectural and planning arrangement of the territory are in progress, which include the development of beaches and waterfront of the second lake, arrangement of the strolling and recreation zone, drinking water buvette and other “special things”, which make the living in the complex more pleasant and exciting.