RC in the resort area: 4 offers from developers near Kiev

  • 08/08/2017

The large-scale project of "Intergal-Bud" company involves the construction of 49 multisection houses with a height of 4‒10 floors.

Integrated development on the principle of "city in the city" provides, in addition to housing, two kindergartens and an elementary school, a medical center, a parking lot, a shopping center.

But the main feature of the complex were several lakes with their own beaches right on the territory of the residential complex. Already, one of them was cleaned, ennobled, equipped the beach with sun beds and fed the swans.Here you can sunbathe on the sun loungers or stroll along the shady avenues along the beach. Several gazebos right on the shore were taken under the barbecue area.

The developer also installed pontoons for fishermen, took one for the wedding ceremony. The construction of a restaurant with a summer terrace and access to the beach began.

Today, the minimum cost of a one-room apartment of 32.6 square meters, in the house, the delivery of which is scheduled for the second quarter of 2018, is 368 000 UAH. Apartment area of ​​44.6 square meters. m in the already rented house will cost UAH 902,000. "

Подробнее: https://3m2.kiev.ua/stati/za_gorodom/zhk_v_kurortnoy_zone_4_predlozheniya_ot_zastroyschikov_pod_kievom