Residential complex «Nyvky-Park» invites you to a family holiday!

  • 06/10/2020

The sales department of the residential complex «Nyvky-Park» has moved to a new premises and is now located on the ground floor of the building №5 of the complex at the address: Peremohy avenue, 67 D.

On the occasion of entering the new office, we invite everyone to the family holiday «Drive weekend», which will take place on October 10 (next Saturday) in the residential complex. The event starts at 12:00! We tried to make everyone happy, so we prepared a fun and interesting program: delicious treats, entertainment for guests of all ages — a virtual amusement park, Hi-Tech attractions, fun LEGO construction, aqua makeup, a playground for the youngest guests and more.

And the highlight of the event will be the opening of unique musical «smart benches» installed as part of the reconstruction of the company «Intergal-Bud» part of the park «Nyvky». Multimedia benches will have several options: the opportunity to relax and listen to 8 legendary songs about Kyiv, as well as recharge your gadgets. By the way, the benches will be powered by solar panels.

So, come to us with the whole family and spend the day useful and fun. Moreover, we currently have an additional discount — 5% on ALL APARTMENTS! We will advise you on a profitable purchase of a new apartment and invite you to visit the showroom, where we will show you our renovated apartments.

To register for the event, please call +38 (044) 392-30-57