The change of government in Ukraine will activate the real estate market

  • 02/04/2019

Capital developers rely on the revival of the market after the elections in the country. At the same time, fluctuations in the exchange rate of the national currency may put pressure on the market.

"Interfax-Ukraine" took a comment from the commercial director of "Intergal-Bud", how  the change of government will affect the real estate market and consumers` activity.

"The real estate market is affected by any instability in the country, regardless of the winning candidate in the elections. The main thing now is that the city and the country should not aggravate the situation. The price situation may be affected by currency fluctuations that have been held recently, allowing the market to develop.

Changes in the value of the dollar can halt the demand for housing, and especially for long-term installment programs in newbuildings, "said Anna Laevskaya, director of "Intergal-Bud".

According to her, according to the results of January-March 2019 in the housing market out of 10 buyers, six left the secondary market for the primary one.

“People prefer to buy new buildings by installments, rather than“ secondary housing. ”There is a demand for high-quality primary housing, and it will grow as this is the only way to preserve capital for Ukrainians,” commented A. Laevskaya.

In addition, according to her, in the first months of 2019 in the company “Intergal-Bud” they observe an infusion of money into the primary housing market of citizens who worked or worked abroad.

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