Intergal-Bud will create new infrastructure in the central neighborhoods of the capital city
Intergal-Bud will create new infrastructure in the central neighborhoods of the capital city
14 march 2018
Construction Company "Intergal-Bud" has scheduled works related to development and improvement of the territory adjoining RC "Volodymyrskyi”.  
Courtyard and buildings located next to the complex in 109, Antonovycha St. will be extensively renovated and refurbished. According to the idea of architects – complex, courtyard and adjoining buildings should feature the same style organically combining classical and modern trends.
The Developer knowingly enters into commitments which exceed the city planning design requirements and undertakes to contribute into the development and aesthetic exterior of the central neighborhoods of the capital city.
In particular, recreation areas are scheduled to be refurbished: installation of decorative bridge structure over rainwater channels, while the channels themselves will be filled with decorative stones. Retaining wall and heat distribution station exterior located near the complex will be decorated with art painting to make the courtyard a harmonious whole consistent with existing landscape.
It is planned to refurbish children playgrounds and install modern style swing sets with durable coating. Walkways will be surfaced with paving slabs; sloped stairs will be replaced followed by arrangement of original outdoor lighting. Park benches and rockeries will be installed in the courtyard as decorating landscaping elements.
All the material and works related to the development of the territory will be for the account of the developer “Intergal-Bud”.
Our company believes that big developers have to not only build the houses, but create infrastructure and develop neighborhoods too, especially when it comes to locations with old style estates.
According to Anna Layevska, Commercial Director of Intergal-Bud, "we are pleased to make the renovation, since it relates to the exterior of the historical part of Kyiv, one of the most beautiful places in Europe".
Thanks to the Developer’s efforts residents of RC “Volodymyrskyi” and adjoining houses will receive attractive refurbished area for recreation and strolls.
Currently the Company is at the approval stage of the territory development project and in the process of selecting the contractors for the whole volume of said works.