Pancake week in RC “Parkovi Ozera”
Pancake week in RC “Parkovi Ozera”
19 february 2018
Construction company “Intergal-Bud” is always pleased to support good neighborly relations between the residents of its residential complexes.  Especially when it is related to the initiative to celebrate the holiday. This Saturday we have completed celebration of the Merry Pancake Week in RC “Parkovi Ozera”!

Traditional public festivals and open-air activities related to Farewell Winter tradition were arranged right at the yard of the residential complex, fortunately, there is enough space for celebration here! Cozy residential complex including 15 buildings features the wide yard, walking paths with benches, fountain zone, decorative waterfall and lake, where the celebration actually took place.

Jaunty loud music, field canteen where the most delicious pancakes have been cooked for all visitors, mobile café “Ravlyk” where they offered some coffee, animators for children, taking pictures in photo-zone, so the celebration lasted more than 10 hours and was a really home holiday feast. All the above was arranged by the developer for the residents of the complex.

From their part, the residents arranged the fair of hand-made products and pancakes. On this sunny day everyone enjoyed delicious food and had fun! Kids attended by animators were playing snow-balls, dancing, having fun and enjoying feast atmosphere.

Residential complex locate in Voskresenska Street in Dniprovskyi district of the capital city has already become the home for 2,400 families. Being accommodated on the territory of 10 hectares nearby Peremoha Park, it has been erected under the trend “city within the city” and features secured territory.  

Infrastructure of “Parkovi Ozera” occupies one third of the residential complex territory and includes multilevel parking lot, trade center, kindergarten, multifunctional sports grounds, originally designed stroll zone and playgrounds. Green area adjoins a Roller Rink, which is the unique such object for residential complexes in Kyiv.

According to residents, they are happy to live and raise their children in the place where neighbors communicate each other, share similar interests and arrange common “home” events. That weekend more than 200 residents joined Merry Pancake week party in order to enjoy hot pancakes and spend good time with their families among friends and neighbors.