“Smart Home” system in RC “Volodymyrskyi” is an advanced solution to make the living more safe and comfortable
“Smart Home” system in RC “Volodymyrskyi” is an advanced solution to make the living more safe and comfortable
16 march 2018
Smart homes, as well as the most benefits of the modern world, have firstly appeared in science fiction long before the coming of digital era. The idea materialized as late as in 20th century – following large scale electrification of household premises and development of IT sector. First “wired” houses were erected by American researchers in 60- th, however, they featured significant limitation in view of the technologies available at that time.

The term ‘Smart Home’ itself was coined by America Association ‘Housebuilders’ in 1984. According to their definition the premises of this type, unlike regular ones, should provide effective use of the entire space of the flat or office.

In the following decades remote intellectual control technologies have been used extensively in the course of designing the advanced premises.


‘Intergal-Bud’ in its business-class residential complex ‘Volodymyrskyi’ provided for installation of basic set of ‘smart home’ system, which could be further extended by the apartment owners according to individual requirements.

Reliable developer provided for the standard set of ‘Smart Home’ functions as follows:
• control over an access to apartments;
• smart intercom network;
• outdoor surveillance cams;
• cable system;
• metering/billing system for energy resources;
• fire-security system.

Special ‘smart home’ sensors will collect and send out all the data to mobile phone application of an apartment owner. Thus, the owner even being absent will be able to control the state of his/her private apartment.

For instance, motion sensors to be installed along the perimeter of apartments will immediately discover not welcome visitors, send notification to mobile phone and call for security service. Using the smartphone one can control the temperature profile: when coming back home you can timely and comfortably increase or decrease the temperature of the heating system or that of the media inside radiant floors. In case of emergency for water supply system remote sensors will block the water supply for the kitchen or bathroom.

‘Smart Home’ system can be easily adopted for the requirements of apartment owners and their daily routine by creating various scenarios for various situations, for instance, by scheduling the time for switching on/off the lighting. Having Smart Home system you don’t have to worry about unlocked doors, left iron or any emergency situation. The System will automatically control all the processes and inform the owner of the state of the apartment.

For detailed information about ‘Smart Home’ system and purchasing conditions at business-class residence complex “Volodymyrskyi’ please contact our central sales department by telephone:
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