Advanced façade technologies in classic and art déco style in RC ‘Volodymyrskyi’
Advanced façade technologies in classic and art déco style in RC ‘Volodymyrskyi’
23 march 2018
Architectural solution of the residential complex ‘Volodymyrskyi’ is executed in art déco style. It comes from the 30’s of ХХ century in the countries of Western Europe and USA as a new understanding of luxury life. Light, exquisite style free of any unnecessary details – these were the main principles of it.
Combination of classic and modernity highlights the lack of overly bright colors in decoration of the complex; instead, the accents are made on luxury and high quality materials in combination with advanced technologies and superior functionality.
Arty exterior is organically complemented by indoor comfort and attention to details. Residential complex ‘Volodymyrskyi’ gives every appearance of being the symbol of high class and stability.
Ventilated hinged façade system with advanced thermal insulation will be finished with several types of tiles imitating elite stone textures. Certain contrast light tiles of external walls will include embossed patterns intended to emphasize the style of the building and its aristocratic character.
Pillars of the entrance represent reliability and solidness of supporting structures that are inherent in classic style.
In contrast to them lighting fixtures are intentionally modern and laconic ones. Being switched on they provide visual effects to the façade exterior and increase the contrast of surfaces made of different format tiles with the use of various techniques.
Business-class residential house with its perfect exterior emphasizes certain status of its residents by interior decoration too.
Clean façade lines, laconicism, reflection of elements inherent to art-deco are entwined with discreet luxury of classics – bas-reliefs, columns, vintage patterns.
The lace of the forged shapes is duplicated in decorative supports for air conditioners, which allows to combine their functionality and aesthetic appearance of the facade.
Panoramic view windows with double-glazed windows equipped with micro ventilating function from famous “Rehau” brand will allow to fully enjoy the reflection of the morning sun and night lights of the city.
Clean façade lines, soft colors, panoramic view windows, extensive use of façade decorative elements, design lighting, presentable entrance group, all the above favorably distinguishes RC Volodymyrskyi among other business-class residential complexes.
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