Education facilities within walking distance available at RC "Volodymyrskyi"
Education facilities within walking distance available at RC "Volodymyrskyi"
19 march 2018
Business-class residential complex ‘Volodymyrskyi’ is located in the capital city at: 109, Antonovycha St.

Apartments in the center of Kyiv is not only the matter of status and prestige. We made sure that the living at the business-class residential complex would be colorful, convenient and interesting.

Here we provided everything to meet the requirements of both a person running business and modern family. Entertainment and business center, supermarkets, schools and kindergartens as well as complete range of service providers are located nearby the complex.

It is important for the families with kids to know that there is a plenty of education and various pre-school facilities within walking distance to the complex. Below is the list of kindergartens, schools and lyceums of the district for your convenience.


Kindergarten No.728

Here children learn English language and trained in fast Ukrainian reading. Sport and music rooms are available in the kindergarten.
6-a, I. Fiodorova St.

Kindergarten No.253

Children benefits an opportunity to learn English language and be engaged in choreography in this kindergarten.
108, Antonovycha St.

Kindergarten No.341

This facility provides basic knowledge in English language and has music and sport rooms.
150-a, Antonovycha St.

Preschool institution No.143

Here children learn dance and attend auxiliary classes in English, Ukrainian, math and logics by ‘Olympus” school.
24-a, Lesi Ukrainki boulevard

Center for child development and entertainment ‘Newton Kids’

Private center runs the groups of early development, school preparation classes, kindergarten and children studios. For instance at: 103, Antonovycha St.



І-ІІІ stage secondary school No.37

Students learn English language starting from the first form and benefits an opportunity to choose economic focus of study in higher forms.
130/17, Antonovycha St.

І-ІІІ stage secondary school No.78

The school is furnished with modern equipment. Creative studios and sports complex for children and youth are available in the school. Studying in junior high is conducted under specialized programs: universal, law-oriented and foreign philology.
47, Shota Rustaveli St.

І-ІІІ stage specialized secondary school No.87 named after O.Dovzhenko

Studying in the school is conducted in English and Russian language.
In-depth study of Ukrainian language and literature.
4/6, Antonovycha St.

Specialized secondary school named after І. Franka No. 92

School program is oriented for high-level study of English language. They teach German language too.
11, Tarasivska St.

Specialized secondary school named after Т. Shevchenka No. 112

Here they study English, German and French. Additionally pupils can choose auxiliary disciplines: business English, dances, areal study.
78, Velyka Vasylkivska St.

Secondary school No. 130named after Dante Alighieri

This facility is specialized in studying of English and Italian.
128, Velyka Vasylkivska St.

І-ІІІ stage specialized secondary school No.44

In-depth study of English language and German language - starting from 5th form.
46, Zhylianska St.

І-ІІІ stage specialized secondary school No.165

In-depth study of English language and language of choice (German or French) starting from 5th form. The school cooperates with the National pedagogic University named after M.Drahomanov, Kyiv University named after B.Grinchenka and other higher education facility of the capital city.
вул. Жилянська, 79



Lyceum for tax and advertising No.21

Pupils learn economics, science of law, basics of taxation, design, advertising and PR. Lyceum cooperates with the State taxation inspectorate, State tax administration and National University of the State Taxation Service.
64, Saksahanskogo St.

International Lyceum “Grand”

This Private institution provides in-depth study of English, business and computer technologies.
38, Zhilianska St.

Lyceum for nature and science No.145

Here students of 8–11 form absorb the knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics and IT; they also benefit from the choice of additional courses for in-depth study.
46, Shota Rustaveli St.

Lyceum for Information technologies No.79

Student independently choose and thoroughly study IT-disciplines. Training is conducted in Ukrainian and Russian languages, they learn English starting from the 1st form too.
37, Shota Rustaveli St.



Gymnasium No.32 ‘Success’

English language is taught starting from the 1st form, Russian — from the 2nd, starting from the 5th form — language of choice (French, Spanish or German). High juniors are divided according to profiled studies: philology, economics, law and natural science.
2, I.Fiodorova St.

Medical Gymnasium No. 33

It is general secondary facility with in-depth study of certain disciplines of biological, chemical and social profiles.
79-b, Volodymyrska St.

Gymnasium ‘Predslavynska’ No.56

Gymnasium with in-depth study of foreign languages. Pupils learn English starting from 1st form; German, French, Spanish – starting from the 5th form; business English – starting from the 9th form.
30-a, Predslavynska St.