"Intergal-Bud" has significantly expanded the range of kitchen furniture and equipment for the “turn-key” apartments
"Intergal-Bud" has significantly expanded the range of kitchen furniture and equipment for the “turn-key” apartments
14 june 2018
Furnished kitchen in the new apartment is an excellent solution for those who want to celebrate the housewarming and not wasting their precious time and nerves on the arrangement of the kitchen inside a new apartment.

The installation of furnished kitchen along with “turn-key” decoration is a unique service successfully provided by Intergal-Bud to its customers for several years. To date, the developer has significantly expanded the range of furniture with built-in appliances, offering the most comfortable conditions for the moving to new dwelling!

While choosing decorative materials, cabinet furniture and appliances our designers were guided primarily by the qualitative characteristics, as well as by modern trends to create the most comfortable, practical and efficient interiors. After all, the kitchen should be not only functional, but also attractive and cozy place. The whole family will come together their, everyone should fill nice and comfy!
When buying an apartment with decoration, the future owner can choose any kitchen option from the available catalogue and approve a set of necessary home appliances. The basic list includes built-in hood, hob, oven and fridge.

There are special show-rooms for customers, in which more than a dozen options for kitchens with cabinet furniture of advanced design are presented. All headsets are designed to take into account the standards of ergonomics, functionality and quality of materials used.

One can get acquainted with them in residential complexes "Parkovi Ozera ", "Nyvky-Park", "Yaskravyi" and "Ozernyi Hai Gatne".

In addition to unquestionable convenience, the installation of a kitchen set and appliances in new apartment allows our buyers to save their money, since the cost of furniture and equipment is surely below regular market prices! Moreover, the developer provides warranty for all decoration works, equipment and materials.
This is certainly perfect option for those who cares of their money and time.