RC “Volodymyrskiy” - advantageous conditions in the beginning of construction
RC “Volodymyrskiy” - advantageous conditions in the beginning of construction
22 february 2018
Business-class construction project “Volodymyrskiy”is a jewel of Intergal-Bud company, which will surely become an oasis for the residents who prefer dynamic living in the center of the capital city.
Perfect taste and modern style is an architectural business card of this elegant building. Exclusive interior is a sign of luxury living and wealth. Every single detail contributes to sophisticated forms of art-deco.

Besides the status, the developer offers multi-functional elaborate technologies:
- concierge-service;
- surveillance cameras;
- intellectual intercom system;
- Smart House system;
- confident accommodation;
- underground parking lot;
- comfort apartments with terraces;
- developed adjoining territory and internal yard.

Number of apartments is limited, so don’t hesitate to purchase your apartment at the early stage of construction and make profitable investment.

Please contact by phone to get personal consultation: 044 392 45 18