Lukyanivsky cascade

Lukyanivsky cascade

street Polovetska, 4
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  • Exquisite architecture

    The facade of the complex is designed by a descending staircase, similar to a waterfall, each of which is a separate section of the building

  • Security under control

    The security system in the complex is brought to perfection. Control of access to the territory of the complex and parking, video surveillance of the system "without blind spots" 24/7 will ensure the inviolability of the comfort of residents.

  • Stylish lobbies

    In yshukanyy architectural design copyright lobby designed in colors. Stylish interior design in combination with designer furniture will make the lobby a business card of the complex

  • Yard without cars

    The complex provides the concept of a courtyard on the principle of public space for people, not for cars. Access to the courtyard is only for the residents of the complex and their guests

  • Underground parking

    Convenient two-level parking on site, as well as additional stations for charging electric cars. It is under 24-hour security and video surveillance.

  • Infrastructure of the complex

    Residents will be able to get all the necessary services without leaving the territory of the complex, because on the ground floor there will be shops, a beauty salon, a pharmacy, a bank branch, a dental office, legal advice and other service facilities.

  • Terrace with private garden

    The highlight of the complex will be a two-level terrace with its own garden, landscaping and cozy seating areas, which combines classic style and the latest architectural solutions.

  • Children's and sports grounds

    Playgrounds with safe rubber coating for children of different ages and workout areas with simulators

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