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    16B Staronavodnitskaya Str.
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About the complex

Multifunctional housing complex INTERGAL CITY is located in the heart of the capital, in Pechersk, in Staronavodnytska street. A unique place of the future - the newest premium-class complex - will be on a par with world-class standards.

Everything in this structure is original: bold use of white, unique architecture, organization of open spaces in the light-filled interior, air bridges that connect the cascading green terraces.

INTERGAL CITY HC organically combines all spheres of modern life: a housing complex, a shopping center and a business center. The futuristic elegance of the complex will allow to place in its towers elite residential apartments and penthouses. They overlook the vast landscapes to the city center, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the Motherland Monument and the green slopes of the Dnipro.

The infrastructure of the complex will be represented by a retail and office complex with a gallery of boutiques, a modern business center, a sports complex of 4500 sq.m. with a swimming pool and spa area, a three-level restaurant of 900 square meters with a panoramic terrace, - all the modern lifestyle options will be offered to the residents of the complex.

There is also ample underground and guest parking for the residents and commercial property owners.

The future is INTERGAL CITY!


  • Class:
  • Number of houses:
  • The area of the land:
    3 ha
  • Number of storeys:
  • Number of apartments:
  • Start of construction:

Construction technologies

  • Construction technologies

    Monolithic frame

  • Elevators

    High-speed silent elevators

  • External walls

    Ceramic block - width 250 mm/ brick

  • Doors

    Fire-proof, fire-resistant with MDF covers

  • Facade system

    The plinth wall - gray granite. 1st floor and above - hinged ventilated facade. The facade panel- aluminum

  • Windows

    Panoramic windows, stained-glass aluminum glazing system with energy-saving double-glazed windows and sun protection system with weather sensors


  • Comfortable solutions

    The complex will feature sophisticated layouts and modern energy efficient high quality materials.

  • Security

    The complex will have a closed area with unique access systems and CCTV 24/7. For car owners there will be a multi-level underground parking with garage boxes.

  • City center

    The complex is located in the heart of the city, 5 minutes from Pecherska metro station. The windows and open terraces offer panoramic views of the Motherland Monument, Dnipro and Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

  • Unique architecture

    The newest business class complex with tiered terraces is the futuristic place of the future. Unique-shaped white facades give the architectural ensemble a sense of weightlessness and infinity.

  • Multifunctional complex

    Multifunctional complex INTERGAL CITY organically combines all spheres of modern life: a residential complex, a shopping and entertainment center and a business center. The residents of INTERGAL CITY will have a unique opportunity to live comfortably, work, entertain and receive the full range of necessary services from the comfort of their home.

  • Own full-fledged infrastructure

    The complex will host a modern business center with outdoor seating areas. There will be a shopping and entertainment center, a SPA center with a swimming pool, a fitness center with training halls and gymnasiums, cafes and restaurants, a school, a kindergarten, a children's development studio, a dance school, coworking, a supermarket, a conference hall, a cinema.


  • Sales department:

    Staronavodnytska street, 16b
    +38 (044) 237 12 82

  • Working hours

    Mon-Fri: 09: 00-19: 00
    Sat-Sun: 10: 00-17: 00

  • Central sales department:

    Moskovska street, 8B
    +38 (044) 393-03-56

  • Working hours

    Mon-Fri: 09: 00-19: 00
    Sat-Sun: 10: 00-17: 00

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