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  • Kindergarten

    Having a kindergarten on the territory of the RC is an undeniable advantage for young parents. Great time savings, when you can get a little more sleep in the morning, and after work go straight to the house.

  • Shopping and entertainment center

    When you do not need to plan trips to the markets, spend time on travel, when everything is close and a trip to the supermarket can be done at any time.

  • Recreation areas

    Separated recreation areas in the yards, and the location near the park is another "plus" of the Kyivskyy residential complex.

  • Sports and children's playgrounds

    Not only boys but also their parents love to play football, so the presence of a football field on the territory of the LCD is another activity for leisure. Interesting playgrounds will promote exciting active walks of children in the fresh air.

  • Closed area

    The presence of barriers at the entrance to the territory of the LCD, fences and video surveillance - all this is for the additional security of residents and the safety of their property.

  • Underground and guest parking

    Yes, the tendency to increase the number of cars in cities will continue, so the RC provides underground parking and separate above-ground parking.

  • Well-thought-out apartment planning

    Modern layout of rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, a loggia or a French balcony, silent elevators and spacious corridors in the entrances - all this was taken care of by the architects of the project.

  • Individual heating

    Individual heating systems in all apartments. You can control the temperature of the room and turn on the heating even when the heating season has not yet begun.

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