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About the complex

The residential complex SKY AVENUE is a modern comfort-class complex located in the Solomensky district of the city of Kiev, within walking distance from Sevastopolskaya Square, on Narodnogo Opolcheniya Street, 3. Green parks nearby, the main transport highways of the capital, many infrastructure facilities around and within the complex allow each citizen to feel himself.
The residential complex consists of six houses with built-in commercial premises on the first floors.

The public space within SKEN AVENUE is designed in accordance with the concept of “yard without cars”, thanks to which the stay in the local area will be comfortable and safe. The main emphasis in the original appearance of the house is made on the correct geometric shapes and contrasting combination of light and dark colors.

Houses are arranged in such a way as to create cozy and green indoor recreation areas. Modern sports complex with a swimming pool and rolledrome. In addition, pedestrian and bicycle paths will pass through the entire complex.
With the help of a video surveillance system, thanks to which we have car owners, you do not need to worry about the safety of your vehicles. In addition, the proximity of social and cultural facilities, namely: schools, early development centers, fitness clubs, beauty salons, banking services departments, supermarkets will ensure comfortable living for families with children. Nearby are parks to them. N. Ostrovsky and Cadet Guy.
The name of the residential complex SKY AVENUE, which translates from English as "heavenly avenue", speaks of its two main features. First of all, this is the location: the Oleg Antonov State Aviation Museum is located nearby. Secondly, a spacious avenue with greenery will pass through the whole complex.

Choosing an apartment in SKEN AVENUE, you invest in a cozy, comfortable, spacious and happy future!



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